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Cucumbers contain three different kinds of lignans which reduce the risk of coronary disease as well as several cancer types, including breasts, uterine, ovarian, and prostate malignancies. They are helpful for diabetes because they contain a hormone needed by the skin cells of the pancreas for producing insulin. A mixture called sterols in cucumber helps reduce bad cholesterol.

For all those days and nights when you find yourself too active to drink normal water, try snacking on some fresh cucumbers. They are really 96% water and they help keep you hydrated. Benefits of cucumbers can help ease heartburn also. Forgot to apply sunscreen while at the beach for the full day. Applying cucumber to your skin can help relieve that painful sunburn.

Cucumbers can also remove waste material out of your body and also have been known to help dissolve kidney rocks. Cucumbers contain vitamins A, B, and C which offer you help and energy increase your immune system system.

Additional health advantages that you can receive from cucumbers are that it can help with weight loss, helps alleviate muscle and joint pain, it makes your claws and head of hair better, and it contains fiber which is ideal for digestion.

We have begun growing our very own cucumbers on the Towers which has been so much fun.  Each day we go out and discover one we skipped your day before.   These are had by us outside therefore the bees pollinate them for us, but if you grow indoors you can hand pollinate with a paintbrush.

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